Your Matchmaker in gigs!


Gig Exposure is a Dutch booking agency that matches the expectations and preferences of clients with performers.

Whether you would like a performance by a singer-songwriter, spoken word artist, a DJ or a band, Gig Exposure can arrange it for you!

Our clients can contact us for business parties, living room concerts, weddings, and all other large or small, private or public events.

We offer:

–     The best Gigmatch between client and artists;
–     Full hospitality service;
–     Our personal touch in order to carry out the customized request;
–     A diverse network of artists.

Besides our current network, Gig Exposure is always looking for new talent. Therefore we invite upcoming artists with high potential to contact us in order to be part of our exposure platform.

So if you are looking for a booking agency where hospitality and personal service is key…

Just ask & we match

Team Gig Exposure

Find us on Instagram @gigexposure and keep an eye on our website to stay updated!


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